Color Palette: Spring Cherry Blossoms

Spring is HERE and I’m dying to see all the beautiful blossoms begin to bloom here in Michigan. We just have to push through the rest of the rain, and mud, and brown, before everything turns green again.. and then. THEN. This…

Pink and lit blue Cherry Blossoms PHOTO.jpg

I can’t wait for these beautiful hues to be back in our lives. Today these cherry blossoms inspired me with all things pink… from magenta to blush, with a splash of baby blue for good measure. These colors are so fresh and happy, it makes me dream about redecorating…. What would an office look like when inspired by cherry blossoms in spring? When I can’t shop local, Amazon Prime is the best… All the following are affiliate links. Check out all this gorgeous…

Can you imagine sipping tea in an office, or living room for that matter, filled with these colors each morning? I sure can… Here’s to spring!!

Pink and lit blue Cherry Blossoms.jpg

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Beauty is everywhere.

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