Annie Stout is a graphic designer and artist who enjoys working with a variety of mediums from her home studio in Midland, Michigan. Her love of art stems from a need to create. Annie believes that creating is a cathartic practice that everyone can benefit from.

She grew up in metro Detroit where art was her passion from a very young age. Growing up, it was always clear that she was meant to create. Annie studied art at Central Michigan University, in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, where she graduated with cum laude honors in 2007. She earned both her Bachelor of Applied Arts, as a double major in Graphic Design and Sculpture, with a minor in Art History, and her Bachelor of Science in Art Education, with a minor in Industrial Education. As her arts education progressed she wanted to take every class, obsessed with knowing as much as possible about creating. A jack of all trades, Annie is still always looking to learn new skills and try new techniques.

People expressing their truth through art can br

Annie has owned and operated Paper Heart Design since 2008, where she specializes in small business branding as as a graphic designer, in addition to creating fine art. She is passionate about working with small business owners, creative entrepreneurs, and individuals looking for fresh design. In logo design and branding, her goal is clarity and simplicity. She hopes to cut through the clutter and help small business owners to be able to have an easy to use branding plan, so they can focus on running their business.

Though she frequently works in the digital world of art, she still very much loves to paint, build, create, and teach art in analog ways. Her goal as an artist is to bring more truth into the world, highlight the beauty in the unexpected, and to create conversations.

Truth means, stripping away of opinions and ego, and getting down to elemental, emotional places. - Annie Stout

When she’s not creating you can find Annie spending time with her husband and two daughters. Her hobbies include sewing, fishing, kayaking, listening to music, and any excuse to be out in the beauty of nature.

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