Color Palette: Insect Inspiration

Inspiration can come from strange places sometimes. Did you know bugs could be so beautiful?

Dragonfly Vert.jpg
Moth Spurge Hawk Moth VERT.jpg
Blue Morpho Vert.jpg

The surprising details and colors in insects are so vibrant and rich. Here are three color palettes inspired by a Dragonfly, Surge Hawk Moth, and Blue Morpho Butterfly. The jewel tones of the butterfly and dragonfly are in stark contrast to the Surge Hawk moth, but they’re all beautiful in their own way.

This Spurge Hawk Moth visited my home last month here in Michigan. Amazingly, he stayed long enough that I could take this picture. I kept going back and looking at it, over and over... I realized what kept drawing me back in was this strange creature had such an amazing color pallet. All those Earthy neutrals together are just perfect.

Any of these flying beauties would be a wonderful color pallet for branding a company, or even decorating a room in your home.

Moth Spurge Hawk Moth.jpg
Butterfly Blue Morpho.jpg

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Beauty is everywhere.