Color Palette 002 - Living Coral

Pantone is the the authority on color these days. They really are. They created a color matching system way back in the 1960’s, for the world of graphics. Now, this system has extended into almost every industry, to help keep colors consistent. Each year Pantone chooses a Color Of The Year, and the design world usually has a lot to say about it each year! For 2019, the Pantone Color Of The Year is: Living Coral.

I’ve created four color palettes using this top trending color to give you some ideas on how you can incorporate this bold and bright color into your life!

Living Coral, Pantone Color of the Year. Purple. Pink. Coral. Sunset. Water.

01. Soft Sunset Hues

Coral is one of those gorgeous colors that sneak up on you. It’s not quite pink, it’s not quite orange, but it pairs beautifully with shades of purple and pink. Think clear summer night sunset on the water.

Ocean Vibes. Coral, Blue, 2019 Color of the Year, Pantone

02. Ocean Vibes

Under the water we find literal coral in all kinds of stunning colors. Use Living Coral as an unexpected pop among aqua + blue color scheme for some high drama contrast.

Succulents, Color Palette, Pallet, Color Scheme, Coral, Green, Gray, Olive,

03. Succulent Inspiration

Again, that color that sneaks up on you in nature. You can find bits of coral colors nestled into the natural greens of many types of succulents! Shades of olive green and dusty sage, compliment terracotta and living coral hues with ease.

Old City Rooftops, Color Scheme, Coral Pink, Red, Orange, Blue, Festive, Bright, Bold

04. Old World Rooftops

You will find all kinds of warm earthy shades of coral, deep red, and orange in old cityscapes. Look closely in these places for color inspiration, so you don’t miss the subtle sunny umbrella on a terrace, or a bright pop of blue on an awning.

Beauty is everywhere.

Thanks for reading!

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