Some days I just need to step away from the laptop and pick up a paint brush. I created a series of analog + digital art prints to fill this need. Each print is a one of a kind watercolor painting, with a digital print overlay. Some are original graphics and some are typographical designs inspired by song lyrics. They are all created with the intention of connecting. Visual art and music are both things that help people to know they aren’t alone in whatever they are experiencing in life. These prints are a simple way to bring beauty and intentional positivity into any space.

watercolor, Tom Petty, Wildflowers, You belong among the wildflowers, Etsy
You can go your own way, Fleetwood Mac, watercolor, trees, forest
We are stardust, anatomical heart, moon, sun, watercolor, painting, print, art, home decor
blackbird, beatles, The Beatles, Take these broken wings and learn to fly