First Big Project

Twelve years ago, before Paper Heart Design was a thing, before Pinterest was a thing, I designed my wedding invitations for a class credit; an independent study. I was recently asked about them, so I dug one up from the archives.

Living in Mt. Pleasant, I was working 20-30 hours a week, I had 18 credit hours of classes, maintaining a meaningful relationship with my fiance, and planning a wedding in Midland where he lived, in addition to summer classes and one more year of college to plan for. It was a crazy time in my life, but it was wonderful. Next month I celebrate twelve amazing years of marriage to my best friend. He makes me laugh SO MUCH and he supports my artist dreams, among everything else...

Inv 2.jpg

Looking back on these invitations I see my inexperience as a designer. There are a million things I would do different if we were getting married today, but these are perfect for the 22 and 23 year olds who got married all those years ago. Bold. Boisterous. Full of love.